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Good Guy Gold

Paid My Bills: Im Ty moves up from the slim choices on the lyrically conscious Good Guy Gold

With a church organ start to get the hands raised up into the sky, Im Ty beats all challenges like the true professional he is and shall blow the roof off on the page-turning Good Guy Gold.

Im Ty is an Oxon Hill, Maryland-based indie alternative artist who loves to motivate others with a heart-healing blend of hip-hop and gospel.

Taking us for an exhilarating ride into the sunset of life, Im Ty is quite simply excellent and roars into life with a rather top-notch performance for the ages. This is exceptional stuff and will be certainly memorable for anyone previously unfamiliar with this notable emcee.

Good Guy Gold from Maryland-based artist Im Ty is one of the more real releases likely to be heard in 2023. This is raw to the core but doesn’t drop anything unnecessary, instead taking us into a much more illuminating place.

There is so much to take us forward instead of back on this monumental track, with a delightfully well-written flow to tip the cap off.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen