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Aaron Andreu is smoother than smooth in his pop-rock single, Your Eyes Are My Favorite Color

“Your Eyes Are My Favorite Color” is just one of the smoother than smooth singles that feature on the pop-rock charmer Aaron Andreu’s latest EP, Stars Collide.

The gently rhythmic yet angularly arresting guitar melodies that build throughout the fervently passionate single are just as sweet as the track title as they leave you on the hook for the next installation of teasingly timed accordance. It sent me right back to the glory days of the Calling and falling for Billy Idol’s raconteurial affable soul.

Before releasing his debut EP in 2018, the singer-songwriter was sharing stages and writing songs for Grammy-Award winning artists; he carried all that professionalism to the table with the Stars Collide which notably is Grammy-ballot worthy in itself. He’s got the kind of sound sycophants would line round the block for and the sense of soul to make any die-hard romantic fall hard.

Your Eyes Are My Favorite Color is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Adam Duffill Releases Lyric Video For ‘I’ll Be Waiting’

If the term singer-songwriter seems to conjure images of an overly earnest, stubble-chinned troubadour in a wide brimmed hat churning out songs about the state of the world in a hipster coffee bar, then Adam Duffill is here to set things straight. Yes, he is a singer and a songwriter but he has something that such would-be-Dylans don’t…drama and passion.

I’ll Be Waiting may be based around his acoustic guitar but the sonic palette he employs has more in common with that of a rock band than an acoustic pop player. As such his music is big, sweeping, widescreen, honest and heartfelt. Not bad for a guy with an acoustic guitar. Walking that line between rock and pop is clever move, get the balance right and you can appeal to large sectors of both markets, the Goo Goo Dolls used it skilfully to become alt-pop-rock royalty, all Adam has to do no is write his own Iris and you can bet that moment isn’t far away.