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Took My Shot: Big Lou is living with that groove all day on ‘As A Crew’

As he introduces us to his mindset and motivated team after a long time to mediate on the possible outcome through the journey awaiting, Big Lou steps up big time and urges us to do everything ‘As A Crew‘.

Big Lou is a Saint Martin (Sint Maarten) born and raised motivational speaker, Go Produce podcast co-owner and hip-hop artist who now lives in Canada. After starting businesses before as he looked for his true purpose, he realized at the age of twenty-six, that actually being a rap artist is what he truly desired.

As he lived his life following his curiosity he quickly made a lot of mistakes. He knew at this point that he was on the right track because it is in failure where you learn most effectively.” ~ Big Lou

With a fresh flow and pack full of expressive raps that are so energetically interwoven, his reflective mind so clear now after not thinking that this was possible before. His thoughtfulness has comprehended what needed to happen, as he sounds totally captivated by the moment and won’t ever let this slip away.

This is a song that captures the qualities, ideas, and energy that I have as an individual and I am positive that it will set the right tone for my career.” ~ Big Lou

As A Crew‘ from the London, Ontario-based indie rapper, keen observer and podcast owner Big Lou, is the big welcome party that we all needed after that long vacation away, that actually turned into a reoccurring nightmare. His mind is made up and it feels like he is making up for lost time, as his highly enthusiastic energy comes to the fore on a promising debut track. Big Lou is ready for the next stage of the creative process, and we are joining him for a much-welcomed ride of discovery to the promised land.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more on his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen