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Budapest-based GLORIA drops energetic electronic track to mystify the mind with, ‘THD’

With a game-changing single that might startle your previously numb speakers into vibrant action again, GLORIA is at her innovative best with a top release to wake up the dance floor with, ‘THD‘.

GLORIA is a Budapest, Hungary-based songwriter, electronic music producer, and vocalist who creates that overflowing music to send you into a hypnotised place.

I’m making art of my everyday life, about digital capitalism and capitalist realism. Almost everybody can connect to this music because we’re all living in the same system. Some enjoy the benefits, others suffer its downsides, but there are no borders or boundaries. It’s all the same.” ~ GLORIA

Getting us into a better frame of mind after so much destruction and recent sadness, GLORIA dazzles with a tremendously entertaining display that shall get you back into reality again.

In the track called “THD”, we hear a rather unsettling leftfield house base, encrusted with a hypnotizing melody reminiscent of early minimal techno works of Dusty Kid. However, you can also draw a parallel with the deconstructed music of artists like Arca or Holly Herndon.” ~ GLORIA

THD‘ from Budapest, Hungary-based music producer/artist GLORIA is a bone-rattling effort that takes your soul into an enchanted place of intrigue from such a different experience to truly appreciate. This is an original single with such much to like, that grabs your engagement and gets your head bouncing with joy that reminds you of those club days of yesteryear.

With much to relish and featuring an assortment of wonder to get you in the mood to party again, this is a superior single that will please all true electronic fans.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen