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Where is the love: The Secs keep it real on exceptional single ‘Body Girl’

Taken off their latest ten-track album called ‘Kissing with Wolves’, The Secs tell it how it is without being overly nasty, despite the distasteful circumstances on ‘Body Girl‘.

North Devon (UK) multi-genre indie post-punk/garage/grunge rock band The Secs, is fronted by the incredibly real singer, rapper, poet, artist and soul healer Rachel Madeline. She phenomenally fuses that really raw, cheekily raunchy and heart-striking music, that makes you dance around like the good times are back and have that much-needed fun again.

This is the wild story of a girl that hooks up with that guy you like, just because she know that you like him. The ultimate display of undesirable pettiness is sadly all-too-common in modern reality TV-hooked society and the annoyance from this moment is perfectly explained in detail by a sensationally multi-talented singer, who tells it how it is, without stooping to the dingy levels of her unwise nemesis. You are all about the love and they are sadly only thinking with the cheap wine and fake energy strewn into their plastic veins.

The catchy riffs run rampantly into your healing heart with galvanizing gusto as your curious body is thrust to groove along to this enlightening look into the mind of a unimpressed woman, who has been scorned and isn’t too happy about.

The melodies here are such a great listen and you smile a bit to yourself-knowing exactly what she means about the fake-tanned dolls that need a dose of their own medicine sometimes.

Body Girl‘ from North Devon’s The Secs, is a gloriously gritty track that shows how supremely creative Rachel is, with more variety inside than a tasty happy meal. She performs with that extra edge and authenticity, never closing herself off to fit any particular fad or genre box, that can easily wrap the creativity right over you and never let go. This is that underground gem that you wish you had known about earlier and is a terrific showing from an underrated band that must be so pulsating and electric live.

Knowing who you are in life is so important and not falling into the trap of walking with the sheep, is absolutely vital is this quick-swipe and copycat world. Being an original wolf and walking your own path, is ultimately a much realer experience for your hungry soul, who seeks that real love to fully reach your vast desires.

Stream this brilliantly moody track on Bandcamp and see FB for more on this electrifying band.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Sweet Sound Of Nightmares

It’s always great when music subverts the expectations delivered by the title so the fact that a song called That’s How The Nightmares Began is actually and upbeat, jaunty country number is always going to raise a smile. The track takes a blend of country sensibility and rock muscle to build a song which will not only please the Music City purists but which also has the infectiousness and sonic appeal that could see it tap into a much wider audience.

And whilst it sits right at the  fresh and forward thinking end of the genre, it also feels like it is an old favourite right from the first play through its simple but effective hooks, addictive chorus, clean but impressive guitar lines, rock driven urgency and groovesome country vibe. Another fact for you, despite this song feeling and sounding like a dyed in the wool, Nashville bound, southern fried, country classic in the making, it is actually the product of the cold west country clays of Glastonbury, England. Some days things just aren’t what they seem.