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Give Me Light

Don’t you tie me Down: OCILIO drops ear-opening debut track Give Me Light

Tired of being left in the dark and feeling so cold for far too long, OCILIO needs his bones to recover from all past pain via the body-grooving new single to be enthralled by, Give Me Light.

OCILIO is a Mykonos, Greece-born, Canada-based indie electronic music producer and chill house artist who assembles the kind of songs that will beam a smile on previously miserable faces.

Taking us by our hand and guiding us into a much better time and place, OCILIO has superpowers that will surely enchant everyone who takes a worthwhile listen. This is a special soundtrack which is worthy of all playlists.

Give Me Light from the Canada-based electronic music producer OCILIO is such a massive song that is monumental in nature and important in context. This is the kind of single to change moods around and strike away any frightening energy, which needs to be vanquished forever.

If you need the pulse to wake up again, this is the single you needed.

Hear the vibe manifest on Spotify.

See more of his energy come to life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen