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Shooting Vids: Melbourne-based alt-rapper glu drops brightly sprayed mind-trip of intrigue with ‘VHS’ (feat. GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 and 2B)

With a psychedelic-infused dystopian picture that captures the emptiness and madness inside the minds of those entrenched into the horrid world of lockdown, glu goes all out and brings with him some help to explain to us what really happened on ‘VHS(feat. GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 and 2B).

glu is a translucently invigorating Melbourne, Australia-based alt-hip hop artist who is also a member of rap group Big Ass Fish. He is a sensationally creative-to-the-bones artist who flows with reckless abandon, his honest style stokes fires and lights up your imagination rather quickly.

I really love Gio’s part, it just adds a completely different flavour to the track that breaks it up really nicely for me. I was expecting him to do some track-up rapping but what he delivered was so much more than that. I was a massive fan of his before I reached out to him and he’s honestly the dopest guy to work with.” – glu

VHS(feat. GIOVANNI FROM KEPLER-22 and 2B) from the new school Oz rapper glu, slides into your life with a party vibe that certainly jumps the heart back into action. This is a video that shakes your core, as you realize that the underground has grown much deeper since this horrific pandemic started. The creativity has never wavered and in fact, has only gotten more and more wild from it all. This is a wake-up call to all, that music will never die a lonely death. This could be the future of Australian alt-rap right before us.

See this wildly creative YouTube video and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen