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Gintis reminds us that a bit of paint, love and hope is all we need on, ‘Buildings’

Signalling in the freshly-coated new start that has been needed to truly recover from the pain of the familiar walls that have seen a lot recently, Gintis show that true love and care that is able to transform a new path that shall help heal the scars on, ‘Buildings‘.

Gintis is a North Wales/Liverpool-based pop/country band who has faced so many horrific tragedies recently that have made their connection even tighter than before.

In early 2020, the band’s frontman Carl Roberts lost his sister Laura – wife of guitarist Jools Neale. The Covid-19 pandemic coincided with Roberts and Neale providing end of life care for Gintis’s biggest champion as she battled breast cancer. Around the same time, the brother of Gintis drummer Gaz xxx lost his life to cardio-myopathy.” ~ Gintis

With a reflective picture that is currently being painted by honest souls who have combined together to support each other when it’s needed most, Gintis are rather superb on a sterling single that shows us all the power of unity.

Signs of life came with singles Dennis, O My Little Malcontent and Four Movements – all of which gained BBC radio play and sparked excitement among the band’s loyal following of devotees. But a decade has passed without a long-player collection of their sentimental songs for sentimental people.” ~ Gintis

Buildings‘ from North Wales/Liverpool-based pop/country band Gintis is an emotional track that puts us right inside where the recuperation is taking place as we speak. With genuine vocals and striking visuals that bring you the paint-soaked work to blanket over the hurt, this is a single that shall possibly have you grabbing the tissues, as the realness is quite overpowering at times.

Music is the language that can decipher all emotions, and take us all into a better place where hope is possible.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen