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GINGER has released Indie-Rock single Gardens

Scotland-based band GINGER has dropped their latest single ‘Gardens’ infusing Indie-Rock and Alternative-Rock to create this lively uplifting piece.

Starting on the quieter side with the slight pluck of the guitar string and the subtle shred, when the mellow high-pitched vocals begin to illuminate the background, with a combination of unique tones to create this powerful array of voices that cut through the instrumentals.

Then entering into that more Rock style, with the heavy riffs on the guitar and the hard-hitting drum beats to give it that loud and crazy instrumental as the vocals begin to pierce through, taking that more gravelly texture to the voice and getting even louder with the vocal elements.

GINGER has created a piece that many will listen too, it shows how well they can mix different sounds up and make a piece that is enjoyable to listen too.

Check out GINGER’s latest single Gardens by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall