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Wirral’s Gina Mullins impresses with melodious Pop follow up single ‘’Broken Body’’

My face is porcelain, I can’t crack a smile. Some of us are really feeling like this in our new reality and this first line from Gina is real & poignant. She is clearly hurting from a tough breakup and this is a way to express herself. Through music, we all heal. 

A writer, singer, composer and producer- the vibrantly passionate ‘Gina Mullins’- is a brand new name in the UK music game. Based in Wirral in North West England, she is a name to watch. With a magnetic voice, Gina is just getting started. 

‘’Broken Body’’ is the Pop follow-up to 2019’s Dance track ‘’Got Me Good’’. I feel like Gina will be trying out all kids of different styles as she seems like a creative performer. I got into ‘’Broken Body’’ the more I listened to it and wouldn’t be surprised if she got some decent radio play with this one. 

Get on the Gina Mullins train now before she explodes all over the world. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen