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Will she ever come back: Delightful London indie-folk artist Gilan hopes for a second chance on ‘Twice’

With a striking voice that catches you heart deeply and never lets go, Gilan is quite incredible on her latest single about meeting them ‘Twice‘.

Gilan is an enchanting Middle East-born, London, England-based indie folk musician, who makes that deep kind of music that consumes your mind spiritually, as you get lost in her stunning vocal ability, drifting calmly into a different world, full of joy and love.

This is the real story of trying to turn a negative into a positive and you want her to give you a second chance as you were too broken inside at first glance. You feel like you didn’t give enough out the first time when you were together and were perhaps a bit too mysterious-whilst trying to stay cool and calm-when your heart was beating as fast as a runaway train.

Twice‘ from London-based soulfully sweet indie-folk singer-songwriter Gilan, is a song you will delve into mindfully, as you come to terms with how you deal with love the first time and what exactly you give out to be taken. She sings with such a calming nature and her voice echos through your whole body, as you hope she does get a second chance, to put things right.

We are often worried about giving too much away for fear of being hurt, that we unintentionally show a closed off and aloof energy field, that some can find too much to try and work out. To find that balance is one of life’s Nancy Drew mysteries but if you want love enough, you will learn to figure it out and connect your soul with someone who is ultimately worth the journey of enlightenment.

Hear this soulfully thoughtful track on Spotify, see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen