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Put on Giancarlos Lopez’s latest cashmere smooth pop hit, Designer Clothes

If you want to slip into something comfortable, put on Giancarlos Lopez’s latest dreamy indie R&B pop hit, Designer Clothes. Far from an ode to capitalism, the cashmere smooth single is sweeter than honey for the way it undresses excess and celebrates the person beneath the wearable status symbols that become a façade.

The lo-fi bedroom pop feel to the release only serves to amplify the intimacy of the single that is dripping in romanticism instead of Gucci. If you don’t sonically fall head over heels for Giancarlos Lopez after hearing it, you may want to check your soul’s check engine light; his ability to create a hazy ethereal atmosphere with his vocal lines alone is second to none.

The independent Puerto Rico-born, Tampa-raised artist borrows plenty of inspiration from the Floridian culture before infusing it within soothingly nostalgic soundscapes that reminisce with the works of Mac Miller, Keshi, and Joji. If they are on your playlists, Designer Clothes should be too.

Designer Clothes hit the airwaves on the 28th of July; stream it on Spotify.


Review by Amelia Vandergast