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Dance With The Devil: Velcroes drops tight street track LBT

Directed by Sincere Blanco and burrowing through those alleys only those with a keen eye for detail can see, Velcroes has opened up our eyes to what is really going on with the visuals for LBT.

Velcroes is an Atlanta/Ghana-fused rapper with a seemingly positive outlook on life and blends in pulsating pop to enliven all sleepy speakers.

Detonating in with a shades-fueled abandon and so much to learn from for the naive who chose to avoid the notion, Velcroes has engrossed us with a dominant performance to smash our mindsets apart. He seems to understand with careful aim, what is needed to survive those rusty roads loaded with smokey evil eyes waiting to gnaw on innocent faces.

LBT from Atlanta/Ghana-fused rapper Velcroes is an enlightening look deep inside the streets plugged with many temptations and snake-like tendencies if you look inside the wrong box.

Foxing through with a confident demeanour and slicing jagged-edge-like flows to stream away any menacing rattles which could cause deadly bites if not treated quickly.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

There’s absolutely “No Reason” to Skip VSN

With a beat that sounds like it comes fresh off an old MPC, VSN’s new track “No Reason” bangs – like it would yesterday just as much as it does today (and probably tomorrow for that matter). With liquid-sounding vocal samples it has a dreamscape quality – then we get to hear the vocals – a bouncy stream-of-consciousness type melodic rap beautifully nested in the mix. I love how restrained the drums are in this track, it’s like when the bass hits there’s a treat for us and they don’t ditch the synths either. “No Reason” is for sure minimalist but at the same time very elegant in its execution.

I was looking through VSN’s (pronounced “vision” because God-help us if we use vowels these days) bio, and it seems he’s a native of Ghana who immigrated to Canada – from the wording, he has primarily been a producer for the majority of his career (which explains the first-rate MPC vibe in his track). His featured artists list reads like a “who’s-who” of current stars and Grammy-nominated veterans of the hip-hop/RnB world.

On VSN’s Facebook we get to see many sides of the artist. From stylish shots of him in fashion-wear with perfectly colour/theme coordinated backgrounds to candid “on the street” looks – he seems like an imposing figure, which is something somewhat mandatory for a life on stage and in charge of musicians. I would be curious to see what he’s like as an individual – hopefully an interview is forthcoming in the future.

Sons Of Destiny Records wants to feel the love on the catchy ‘Alert’ (feat. Don Bonya and Troy)

Bringing the world into an illuminated groove that needs to be heard loud and with a few human bodies moving rather tightly together, Sons Of Destiny Records spark our attention like those great songs always seem to do on ‘Alert(feat. Don Bonya and Troy).

Sons Of Destiny Records is a UK-based record label which has that African groove from their roots in Ghana and Nigeria who soaks us deeply into Afrobeats.

Sons Of Destiny Records Team are made up of songwriters, rappers, singers, renowned producers and music engineers.” ~ Sons Of Destiny Records

Showing us why they eat, sleep and drink their beloved African music 24/7, Sons Of Destiny Records have dropped an elevated release that will have your head nodding for days. Rich in quality and packed with an absolutely unforgettable bounce you can’t stop thinking about, which might cause an unexpected dance move while your work colleagues grin at your vibe.

Alert(feat. Don Bonya and Troy) from UK-based, Africa-fused Afrobeats record label Sons Of Destiny Records is one of the nicest songs around right night now. This is a track which will wake you up from all previous slumbers, as we get our game up so we can find the special soul we have been searching for.

The time is always now if you believe you can succeed.

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AkaiBoi sends us back to the homeland of love with ‘Afrique’ (feat. Su)

With a catchy style and plenty of instrumental-greatness to have you wanting so much more, AkaiBoi fills our minds with so much joy and love as he shows his fondness for his homeland of Ghana with, ‘Afrique‘.

Theophilus Akai aka AkaiBoi is a Ghana, West Africa-born, Evansville, Indiana-based indie artist who is also a well-respected studio musician.

At this point, I’m well-known in the music space as the studio guy. I’ve always served other artists and I love that space. I also have the drive to release my own African-based music.” ~ AkaiBoi

Showing us his intricate skills that have evolved but never sold out to the commercial world, AkaiBoi guides us into a voyage that will have you happily drumming your toes and grooving with superbly rhythmical delight.

Theophilus has managed to spend many years touring with guitar in hand. Hard work and determination landed him a lead guitar role for Phillip Lawrence’s album release show and a robust studio portfolio.” ~ AkaiBoi

Afrique(feat. Su) from Ghana-born, Evansville, Indiana-based indie artist/studio musician AkaiBoi, is an ear-sizzler that will have you closing your eyes and letting your imagination wander. As he shows us a terrific tempo and an unpretentious style that demonstrates why he is so in demand, this is a reminder that his heart will always be in Africa. This is the type of track that will have you looking at your passport, so that you may travel to these beautiful lands if you haven’t already.

With an ode to the past but also a look at where he is now, this is a fantastic track from the US-based artist who is growing his name quickly to magnificent aplomb.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No More Struggle: Nana Motobi drops party-filled new single ‘Mic and Beat’

With the first track of his new 14-track album, Nana Motobi is in sizzling form as he checks the line and keeps it styling with much fire on the steamy single ‘Mic and Beat‘.

Nana Kofi Osei aka Nana Motobi, is a music producer, sound engineer, promoter, songwriter and Afro-Dance rapper from Ghana who is now based in ski-filled Trento, Italy.

There is much to dance with here on an African-inspired beat that is mixed so nicely with that European influence, packed with an exciting atmosphere that is perfect for those summer festivals. The bars are lit up like a bright fuse ready for the night, fueled with a confidence that has your feet tapping and your body grooving in utter delight.

Mic and Beat‘ from the Ghana-born, Italy-based indie Afro-Dance artist and music producer Nana Motobi, is the well-executed story about breaking in just the way you like it. After much struggle and sleeping way too deep in a coma, it feels like this anthem signals his compass-driven journey to the top of the Italian scene and beyond. With solid flows and a catchy beat that captures your attention like a flashy camera ready for action no matter what the weather, you can’t help but enjoy this quality track.

When you want it enough, anything really is possible.

Get wrapped into this fast-flowing tune on YouTube and see more news on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Like A Drunk Poison: Stefano drops debut track about that mysterious woman on ‘Lethal’

With a dance-filled music video that has you swaying around in such admiration for the prodigious artistic effect, Stefano wholeheartedly loves what she is doing to his shaking body as its suddenly feeling rather sprightly and ready for that much-needed action on ‘Lethal‘.

Dancer and Afrobeats artist Stefano aka Steffy Baby, is a wildly talented London, England-based singer-songwriter with Ghanaian heritage, who also blends in some tasty RnB to keep our lips licking in delight.

A new artist who has been craving to be more creative and push the boundaries on what is possible, he is in imperious form here and shows us what we have been missing out on.

This is the message that is easy to see, as he looks into her eyes and wonders what supernatural powers she has over him. Stefano is feeling urges that he has never felt before – as he smoothly takes off his stylish shirt – and shines brightly in the light with silky vocals, that has you reaching for the volume to hear it louder.

Lethal‘ from the London-based Afrobeats artists and well-known dancer Stefano, is the story of looking deeply into the striking eyes of a mystical woman who seems to have your heart in her soft hands, as she decides what to do with it. This is a sumptuously delivered single with so much oozing charm, from a singer on a mission to be more than just a dancer. He shows much class here – and gives us a remarkable debut to remember – that shows heaps of potential to turn into something rather special.

See this vibrant new music video on YouTube and see more from this stylist artist on IG.

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Ghana’s Kofi Jamar & Stonebwoy inspire the mic with Dancehall classic ”Mi Dey Up” remix

Kofi Jamar & Stonebwoy join forces like a world cup winning team on their new track ”Mi Dey Up” remix. This is Dancehall/Reggae music with soul and they win the day with the new release.

Derrick Osei Kuffour Prempeh aka Kofi Jamar is a Ghanaian rapper, singer and a songwriter from Bantama, Kumasi. Kofi first gained major recognition when he won a freestyle rap competition when he was just 18 years old.

Livingstone Etse Satekla aka Stonebwoy is a 45-time award winning Ghanaian Afro-Pop, Dancehall/Reggae artist as well as a Grammy Nominee. He hails from Accra in Ghana where he is one of the most popular artists in the whole of Africa.

Mi Dey Up” remix is a quality song about working hard so you can see more glory and make your dreams comes true. These two have done all they can to get out of the financial situation that they were in. Kofi Jamar & Stonebwoy aim to inspire the youth and show them that you can achieve your goals with desire and putting those hours in.

Stream this new party tune right here on the artists Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”No Man Like Me” is confident new summer release from RnB Ghana native Juic3Boy

Juic3Boy is in the zone right now and lyrically flows with lots of swagger on his new single. This track has all the summer time energy and lots of imminent slow dancing is expected. This is a R&B release with all the right moves and gets you in the mood for chilling in the sun with your crew and laughing with that special person in your life.

”No Man Like Me” is all about believing in yourself and doing what you know you are destined for. Canada based and Ghana born, Juic3Boy is a name on the rise and he knows it. Fully determined to take charge and make something memorable happen in this music game, he is on the right path to go all the way to the top of the charts.

With a smooth voice and all the right moves, R&B/Hip Hop artist Juic3Boy is a name to watch on the world music scene as this is a great song to make us forget about current worries. He has a way of getting the vibe just right with his silky vocals and sexy lyrics that both men and ladies will certainly enjoy. ”No Man Like Me is destined to be blared out of many a speaker this summer and beyond with Juic3Boy at the front, getting the party started.

Stream this song now via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen