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GFC releases Top Man (Prod. Labos): Rap and R&B combine for this catchy tune

Rapper GFC has released his latest piece ‘Top Man’, mixing Rap and R&B together to create this fast paced catchy track.

At the start you hear these shouting chants as the Rap begins to flow, bringing it together with a super infectious melody that takes it to a whole new level of R&B. The vocals tend to be flat but that’s what makes it come together.

The way the rhythm collides alongside the Rap, the pace is slow but it tends to speed up at times and the beat does tend to be a lot more up-beat then the actual vocal approach but it works. The overall style of the track is impressive and the way in which all the different elements come together is interesting to hear.

The beat that intertwines in and out is fairly in your face, it punches through. Then the sounds begin to become distant as the vocals are chanted in the background at a low-pitch almost leading you to believe there’s going to be a breakdown but that’s what takes it to an end.

Be sure to check out this piece by GFC, if Rap and R&B is your thing, you won’t want to miss this one.

Head on over to Youtube now to listen to GFC Top Man (Prod.Labos)

Review by Karley Myall