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Dance in the spectral shadows of GETNER’s Irish folk fable of moonshine madness, Poitín

After a killer debut single, which posited GETNER as one of the most promising Mancunian rock n roll acts since Oasis, the four-piece fully embraced their Irish roots with their intoxicating tour de force of a sophomore single, Poitín.

Following an intro that allows you to imagine joining Oscar Wilde in an opium-scented den of iniquity, folk rock rancour insidiously riles up as GETNER as the vocals seductively reverberate through the devilish fable which narrates a tale of an old man in Emerald Isle’s rocky hills brewing moonshine during the prohibition era, inhaling the fumes and succumbing to the eerie spectral manifestations of his inebriated with disillusion mind.

It’s a darkly debauched slice of arcane reverie which doesn’t stop short of portraying a mind-altered protagonist. Poitín ensnares you within the metaphysical atmosphere, enabling you to slip back in time and alter your own mind with the hallucinatory vapour which GETNER efficaciously sonically visualised.

After hearing Poitín, Devil Went Down to Georgia is never going to hit the same ever again.

Poitín was officially released on May 31; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

GETNER enriched the Manchester music scene with their expansively influenced Rock n Roll debut, White Walls

Manchester’s newest band of prodigal sons, GETNER, modernised vintage rock n roll tones with the shaking, rattling and rolling reverence in their debut single, White Walls.

With a rhythmic undercurrent reminiscent of The Undertones, an injection of Irish rock roots, garage-y blues rock nostalgia in the same vein as the Jim Jones Revue through the shimmering organ timbres and the barely tamed guitar riffs, White Walls is an expansively influenced Rock n Roll tour de force that asserts GETNER as one of the most promising Manchester bands on the scene.

By thriving on the unique sonic proclivities that each of the four members brought to the table, the band of superlatively talented artists ensured that White Walls hit the airwaves hard enough to bruise it. Feel the impact and be a part of GETNER’s inevitable ascent.

Stream the official music video for White Walls via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast