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Getem Jesus da prince

Getem Jesus da prince brought wavy lo-fi hip-hop to the Bronx with ‘Why Are You On Me’

Getem Jesus da prince

Getem Jesus da prince’s latest single, Why Are You On Me is as wavy, minimalist, and lo-fi as hip-hop gets, but if that is exactly what your playlists are crying out for, wipe away the tears with the ambient hit that will leave your speakers dripping with catharsis.

The Bronx-hailing rapper and singer is also the leader of the Team Sveda Guardian Shit movement; when he’s not crafting Drake-esque hooks, he’s versing hip-hop gospel on his podcast.

While improvements to the production quality could make his hits more people’s cup of tea, props have to be given to the fearless emissary of stripped-back hip-hop-flavoured soul who makes rap tracks worth getting pious about.

Check out Why Are You On Me here or check out his YouTube channel.

Review by Amelia Vandergast