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Trying to move on: Rooney is back with new pop/rock single ‘Get Over U’

Speaking passionately about a tough heartbreak that he is currently facing, Rooney sings about how he needs to move on quickly to heal, but the tough-to-handle pain is still fresh on ‘Get Over U‘.

Rooney is a coruscating Melbourne, Australia-based indie-pop/rock artist, who makes music to help others that have struggled to come out about their sexuality and how it feels like to thrive, in this wildly confusing modern world.

His voice shows you the pain that is lodged deep in his soul, you hear the emotion-filled story and feel for him as he opens the door, to let us into this once wonderfully-alive love story gone wrong. Each word is with meaning, as he tries to work out what went wrong so he cam heal up fast, to find new roads ahead sooner rather than later.

Get Over U‘ from the effervescent talent of Melbourne, Australia’s Rooney, is a fine love-torn single, full of poise and grace, that heats up your soul to a fantastic artist that sings determinedly on real issues that has inspired him to speak out, so he can courageously help others through his love for music.

Hear this new track on Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen