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An In-Depth Interview with Georgina White on Her Unique Sonic Journey and Artistic Versatility

Georgina White took time away from her versatile artistic career to share how she discovered and refined her unique sonic identity, one that beautifully melds old-school soul with a diverse range of influences—from classical to folk and jazz. The conversation reveals the eclectic nature of Georgina’s music but also her profound connection to her artistic roots and the personal evolution that shapes her craft. From early influences watching her mother perform opera, to her own experiences on the West End stage and her explorations during the pandemic, Georgina’s career is a testament to perseverance and artistic amalgamation. Her narrative offers a fascinating glimpse into how her multifaceted career in music and acting intertwines and influences her creative output and performance style.

Georgina White, welcome to A&R Factory! Your artistic identity appears as fascinating as your eclectic imbued with old-school soul discography. Your sonic signature resonates with a rare authenticity; did finding your characteristic tone come easily to you? 

Hi Amelia! That’s a great question and thank you, that’s a huge compliment… I spent a long time searching for my authenticity and sonic sound; I now believe I always had it within me but it’s taken years of playing various roles, singing in so many different styles throughout my career and using all this experience to create my own authentic sound.

As you said, my style is certainly eclectic – I’ve always sang from the soul but with classical influences from my opera singing mum and folk playing grandparents. Add some sultry jazz/blues, theatrical playfulness and a powerful belt and there’s my signature tone!

You clearly thrive in the spotlight, when did your creative desires start to shape your reality? 

I spent a lot of my childhood watching mum on stage being an absolute vocal powerhouse. I was mesmerised; it was vibrant, exciting and empowering. I knew I had to follow suit – not in opera but performing in many different ways. I was cast in a West End show when I was 15 and it all took off from there.  I started writing a lot of my own material during the pandemic when I escaped to my home studio for peace of mind.

You’ve succeeded in your acting and music career; how do you find these disciplines and talents influence each other? 

They’ve always been incredibly intertwined; I’ve worked consistently as an actor/ musician in theatre since graduating from RADA so it’s influenced the way I think. Words come to me easier over music. I can understand what’s going on in my life a lot more when there’s background music playing!

When acting, I will always do a vocal warm-up before a performance to ensure my voice has its true range and sometimes I’ll sing my lines in practice to find colour and flavour.

Does your ability to embody a wide range of characters as an actress help you to bring your lyrical characters to life more vividly?

Definitely. Each song I now release feels like it’s performed by a different character; a contrasting layer. But they all add together to create something whole. Me.

You’re well on your way to becoming revered in London’s live music scene after performing at Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club and the Moustache Bar in Dalston, what can your fans expect from your live performances? 

They can expect a very eclectic set! Originals from the heart accompanied by a live band or me on keys. Cover mash-ups going from blues to rock that will make you want to bop and (depending on the show) a variety of musical theatre characters that will make you laugh and cry. I also play sax and bassoon!

You’ve also been quite a hit on the airwaves since releasing your debut single in 2021. In your opinion, what is it about your sound which speaks to a wide audience? 

I sing from the soul and I say it as it is, so hopefully that. I’ve also been around a while, faced a lot of rejection and really worked my ass off. I’ve had 2 number 1s in the UK Chart of Gold with my soul covers which has been a dream come true.

I’ve been told I’m good at atmospheric storytelling and I like to play with vocal styles and tones so hopefully the audience is kept engaged. My more peaceful music has been described as therapeutic too.

I think, perhaps, they don’t know what I’ll do next… Nor do I sometimes! I work with my talented and experienced producers at Creative and Dreams Music Network to figure out what the next step is.

Looking forward, how do you envision the next chapter of your artistic journey? 

I’m so incredibly grateful for everything I’ve achieved and experienced so far. I’m looking forward to more growth as an artist; more writing, experimenting and understanding myself and what I want to say. Being brave. Oh, and an album is on its way!

I’ve been playing at festivals this Summer (Old Town Live is next on 27th July) and I have more theatre coming up later this year too (that I can’t talk about yet!). I’ll be working towards a solo tour of the UK and hopefully internationally too.

Can your fans look forward to more new music from you this year?

Absolutely. I’ve got ready recorded singles up my sleeve, it’s now all about timing. I’ve been on the road for 9 months with theatre productions so having a little rest before it all takes off again! Thank you so much for listening!

Listen to Georgina White’s latest single, LOVE, on Spotify now.

Interview by Amelia Vandergast

Georgina White became Trip-Hop’s most arresting chanteuse in ‘LOVE’

Georgina White’s recently re-released single, LOVE, is an aching reflection on the darker shades of affection. As the PJ Harvey-esque trip-hop aesthetics mirror the turbulence of a mind gaslit into accepting abuse by nefarious actions running under the guise of passion, the indie alt-pop framework ensures that White is doing far more than simply following in the footsteps of trip-hop pioneers, she’s synthesising a sound that is irreplicably her own.

The sepia-tinged production by the hand of Dan Myers brings an aura of old-school spectral soul to the soundscape which harnesses the haunting vocal delivery. Delicate yet commanding, White’s voice embodies the complexities of maleficent love, delivering each verse with a chanteuse’s grace and an insurgence of empowerment. Angel Olsen herself couldn’t have performed LOVE better.

Penned after drawing inspiration from the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, LOVE lends from the melancholic depths of the OST; despair pulsates throughout the progressions in the luxuriantly arcane production that melds gritty guitars with syncopated beats that mimic the frenetic rhythms of a heart beating out of sync.

Whatever the Brit-Austrian artist and actress turns her talents to next, it is going to be the epitome of iconic.

Stream LOVE on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Georgina White gave us a shot of Europop euphoria with her empowering anthem, Not Your Baby

Reminding us that it has been 24 years since the launch of Don’t Call Me Baby by the Australian house duo Madison Avenue, Georgina White’s latest floor-filling Tour De Force, Not Your Baby, is a groove-embellished anthem that strikes hammer blows of nostalgia with every bass-drenched beat in the exhilarant Europop hit.

With a little bit of disco and tropic funk flavours to drip vibrance into the tonal palette, Not Your Baby simultaneously feeds empowerment and euphoria as Georgina White powerfully projects the liberating lyrics which are the ultimate cure to breakup scorn. It is the perfect testament to the fact that there’s nothing sweeter than emotional freedom after letting go of the hands that have held you down.

Not Your Baby, produced by John Carr, is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast