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Georgia Jones digs through ‘Ruins’ in her melancholically cold debut pop track

Contrasting the warm climate that she hails from, the 23-year-old Australian singer-songwriter, Georgia Jones, unleashed a sombrely cold serenade with her debut single, Ruins.

With a penchant for poetry and influences from Taylor Swift, Lorde, Bon Ivor and Billie Eilish, Georgia Jones found her signature somewhere in between her inspirational artists. From the bruisingly raw lyricism of Eilish, the tender melodicism of Bon Ivor and the stylishly melancholic edge of Lorde, Ruins serves as a candidly contemporary introduction to the artist, who frequently traverses fear as the prevalent theme in her music. Considering that there’s little else but fear in the atmosphere these days, you would struggle to find a more timely release.

As far as pop debuts go, Georgia Jones left nothing to be desired – apart from the sophomore single.

Ruins was officially released on August 12th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast