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General Roshane Karunaratne

Macaroni smile: Mister Tickle Hands bring that soulful funk food meal on ‘Reverse Vertigo’ (ft. Blaise and Emily Grove)

Bringing that old school imagination back to our lives, Mister Tickle Hands turn on the lights to the brightest they can go on the deliciously freeing ‘Reverse Vertigo‘ (ft. Blaise and Emily Grove).

Mister Tickle Hands are a Psychedelic Dance Music Crew from cozy seaside town Asbury Park, New Jersey in the USA, who are brained up by General Roshane Karunaratne and Brother Andrew who sizzle like pro chefs on a sauce so tasty, you will definitely be asking for more like Oliver Twist.

With so much dazzling funk, marvelous guitar solos, soothingly vocals that might cause you to sweat, this is all about that old school 70’s fun with roller blades on, the music free and loving. This brings your heart back to the fresh times when music was so pure and with only sweet intentions in mind, not trying to brainwash you like a lot of modern day tracks.

You feel alive here, the beat is wonderful and you can’t stop clicking your fingers, you feet instantly start tapping and all is okay again in the world.

Reverse Vertigo‘ (ft. Blaise and Emily Grove) from the smiling wizardry of Mister Tickle Hands, is a real gem in the rough, their music is stupendously attractive and you feel like getting that dusty headband back on, to see if you still have those back-in-the day-dance moves in your locker.

Hear this wonderful new single on Spotify and see the vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen