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Up all night: Gemfaire wants to feel less alone in a back alley kinda world on Chat GPT

Formally known as Ami Inu, Gemfaire breaks away from her influencer past and shows us her true love for music with a memorable outing on her dazzling debut single, Chat GPT.

Gemfaire aka Ami is a hugely loveable US-based hyper pop/cyber core solo artist who has fearlessly reinvented herself and performs with such honesty and truthful insights inside our digital world.

This is what I like to imagine it would sound like if Isaac Asimov [prolific science fiction writer] got yassified and made pop music,” GemFaire explains.

Telling us the truth and opening the door to her world so we can see what she’s really like, Gemfaire is absolutely mind-bending-ly brilliant on Chat GPT. Floating away from her mental health issues and showing such bravery, we feel glitching and vintage computer sounds, which urges us to embrace technology while keeping our intrinsic essence.

Chat GPT from Gemfaire is a scary look into the future….and the now. With a pulsating beat to tear holes through the speakers, this is a reminder that we are so alone right now.

Sung with frankness and telling us a real story, this is a complex web for us to unravel for the sake of humanity.

Hear this visionary single on Spotify.

Feel her vibes manifest on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen