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GeeMarr ignited a carnal flame with his exotically expansive RnB hit, Fire & Desire

GeeMarr, the UK’s RnB firebrand, ignited the genre with his latest single ‘Fire & Desire‘. The stylistic fusion of RnB, afrobeat, pop, and soul elements showcases GeeMarr’s versatility and creativity when blending diverse musical influences.

The intro of ‘Fire & Desire’ is a nostalgic nod to the 80s era of RnB, setting the stage for a contemporary twist that GeeMarr executes flawlessly. The track pulsates with modern cuts, seamlessly integrating autotuned reggaeton-esque vocal lines with sun-pierced melodies. The sax lines spill soul by the smorgasbord, weaving through the song and adding a rich, emotive layer to the already vibrant soundscape.

GeeMarr’s lyrics in ‘Fire & Desire’ resonate like mantras, creating a heady sonic haven that you’ll want to occupy all summer and ensuring that the midtempo vignette captures the sweetness of finding someone who evokes feelings of both love and lust. Even if you’re riding solo, you’ll get a taste of how sweet adding fuel to your carnal fire is.

Born in Jamaica and raised in South London, GeeMarr’s global influences are evident in his music. His repertoire spans Afrobeats, R&B, and Soul, and ‘Fire & Desire’ is a culmination of his artistic evolution. After a 5-year hiatus and a series of captivating freestyles on social media, GeeMarr is not just making a comeback; he’s redefining his sound.

GeeMarr’s involvement in every stage of his music, from writing and producing to mixing and mastering, ensures that his sonic signature blazes through ‘Fire & Desire’. This track is a must-listen for fans of RnB and anyone looking for a summer anthem that combines the best of global beats with the soulful depth of RnB.

Stream the official music video for Fire & Desire which dropped on March 28th on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast