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Tasha Fights Tigers – 3 dogs: Alt Rock Doesn’t Get Much More British Than This

If you could imagine a combination of Blur’s jovial Indie tones and Eagles of Death Metal’s charismatic comedic swagger, you’d get an idea of what to expect from Tasha Fights Tigers’ standout single “3 dogs” from their album “Union Jack Soundtrack”.

The sentiment may not be ostentatiously serious, but the level of instrumental mastery contained in 3 dogs definitely is. In short, it’s a punchy riotous hit which offers a fine mix of rhythmic mesmerism along with plenty of personably nerdy accessibility.

Fuzzy Electro Rock hit its geeky peak with 3 dogs. It’s almost like Tasha Fights Tigers predicted the election results and knew the UK could do with some cheering up with the quaintly delightful soundscape.

You can check out 3 dogs along with the rest of Tasha Fights Tigers’ latest album via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Junkyard Academy – Annabelle: Raucously Electric Geek Rock

If you could imagine Steel Panther with a little less sleaze, then that’s exactly what you should expect from Junkyard Academy’s latest single Annabelle. The fourpiece Alt Rock band from California have injected the perfect amount of ridiculousness into their lyrics to stay on the right side of novelty and often that’s something that’s easier said than done.

Whilst Junkyard Academy’s style is palpably unapologetically geeky this hardly dampened their raucously electric aura. Their ability to create cataclysmically heavy guitar hooks were enough to leave you in admiration of their punchy high energy style. Whilst the lyricism may not be all too resonant for anyone that doesn’t still feel that sense of nostalgia when thinking back to your school days the lyrics were still catchy due to the lack of restraint in the Junkyard Academy vocalist’s verses. You can be sure that the chorus will become firmly rooted in your head for hours after you first check out Junkyard Academy’s prodigal offering of nerd-driven Rock Pop.

You can stream and download Junkyard Academy’s single along with their album ‘Class in Session’ by heading over to BandCamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast