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mære feels so helpless when the new smile shakes her spirit awake on, ‘Pretty Crash’ (feat. gau)

Showing us a whole new person on a rather mysterious original project, mære leads us into her inventive mind that has found someone different to the rest, who has stopped her suddenly on ‘Pretty Crash(feat. gau).

mære is a Berlin, Germany-based indie-pop/alt-RnB artist and music producer with a superbly creative mind that takes you into her vividly emotive harmonies.

”For this project took on the identity of Cee, writing and producing tracks with a crew of international artists and collaborators.” ~ mære

Displaying a rather enchanting sound that grips your soul into this picture presented, mære navigates us through this intriguing performance that shall mesmerise each listener, as we are electrified to the core by an artist who makes the type of underground music you can’t help but appreciate.

The project was born from Cee’s (who never shows their face, hidden by a mask) desire to reflect and play with issues such as identity and image through the collective, and the willingness to confront and embrace the musical genres that helped them through a very difficult time.” ~ mære

Pretty Crash(feat. gau) from Berlin, Germany-based indie-pop/alt-RnB artist and music producer mære is one of those particularly thought-provoking tracks that have your mind swirling in this cinematic-like adventure. Her vocals are so uniquely ear-piercing, that shall have you closing your eyes and imagining this striking moment when everything swiftly changed even if you knew it might not work out long-term.

When you meet that special human, your heart tells you what to do, and it’s up to you from there.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen