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The Folk-Punk Renegades Gaslighters.Anonymous Gave A&R Factory An Exclusive Preview of Their Classified LP


The anti-establishment, for all intents and purposes non-existent and anonymous organisation Gaslighters.Anonymous have A&R Factory an exclusive preview of their highly classified 10-track LP, which features the rugged indie folk seminal single Hail to the Chief.

Just as traditional folk artists spoke for the oppressed and working class, Gaslighters.Anonymous carried on the conversation in their acoustic folk-punk portrayal of our atrocity of an era that is perpetually being underpinned by fascism and the threat of climate change. The riotously rancorous lo-fi single may traverse some uncomfortable existential themes, but as far as the listening experience goes, the rallying cry for awareness and action is emboldeningly sweet.

Hail to the Chief is currently protected from public ears; all will be revealed in due course. Keep your ear to the ground for updates and your eyes in the sky as Gaslighters.Anonymous light the smoke signals that will pave the way towards progress.

Review by Amelia Vandergast