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I’m The New Landlord: Colorado’s King MacK drops in with poetic flows that impress highly on ‘Gas’

As he changes lanes to help inspire the masses to avoid drugs and prison time after his own life-changing experiences, King MacK leads the way with riveting new single called ‘Gas‘.

Joshua King aka King MacK is a Denver, Colorado-based hip-hop artist, who has turned his life around from being locked up, to now embracing what he needs to do in order to stay away from the inside cells, to now providing for his family and making that real music that changes your perspective.

This is the peddle to the metal type track, that reinforces your view that there is still quality hip-hop out there, even if it is harder to find sometimes.

His rhymes are so effortless, the ever-growing self-awareness shines from his sunglasses, the vibe is electric and you can’t help but sway your body around with this true underrated emcee.

Gas‘ from Denver emcee King MacK, is that straight up waxin’ the floor flow that has you in much appreciation for his excellent bars that light up high, as he has experienced the lows of life and it feels like this is his time to truly shine.

You learn a lot when you are down and out, so when you are up, you appreciate it a bit more as you vow to never plunge down low to the darkness again. He’s finally free and ready to be who he wants to be.

See his potent music video on YouTube and check out the IG for more news and visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen