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Drill beats meet 420 vibes in Garvin Boateng’s standout track Haze

Amsterdam-born, Leeds, UK-based Ghanaian Rap legend Garvin Boateng teamed up with KFF to drop their dynamic Drill track “Haze”. 420 Hip Hop has never been grittier.

Raw nihilistic energy runs through Haze, but Garvin Boateng’s convictive ensnaring Rap bars which wrap their way around the beauty of weed-aided escapism dominate the track. Haze won’t fail to leave you adrenalized and enamoured in equal measure.

With most Hip Hop tracks, there’s a sense that the artists are forcing a persona, but with lyrics like “I’m not superman I cannot save ya…”, it’s obvious that you get an undiluted hit of Garvin Boateng’s natural charisma with Haze.

You can check out Garvin Boateng’s single Haze via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast