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Garvey’s Latest Smooth Release ‘Spiralling’

If you had to sum up Garvey’s debut release in one word, smooth is the most apt one that springs to mind. It isn’t just that this slow but powerful, pop infused R&B ballad is a wonderful blend of the infectious vocal hooks and sultry late night vibes, there is also something in the way that it is put together which sees it out pace its musical rivals.

Sitting easily alongside modern acts such as Sam Smith and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man it also draws on older references such as gospel harmonies and the songs of the soul music heyday and threads them together around a slow burning dynamic build as it heads towards its crescendo. Rock guitars, plaintive pianos and sumptuous vocal treatments are all gathered in to build the drama and drive on its way to its conclusion and the result is a wonderful calling card for an artist who is definitely going to be one to watch from now on.