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Suli Hyuga orchestrated the ultimate soundtrack for seances with the soul with the luxe ambient garage house grooves in his seminal track, +24. BLEED+

The timbres and textures within Suli Hyuga’s latest release, +24. BLEED+, may feel comfortingly familiar, but the London-based artist’s approach to synthesising UK Garage with House and Rap pushes the sonic flavours into arenas that few other artists have seen the potential within.

Perfect for late-night seances with the soul, this seminal release is a reverberation of pure incandescent hypnotism, with every progression, a new subjugation to its luxe atmosphere. With Suli leaving no one else’s imprint on his work as the sole architect of his soundscapes, the mark he will leave on the UK Garage landscape will be definitively his distinctive own.

+24. BLEED+ is the title single pulled from Suli Hyuga’s 5-track EP, which promises to dive deep into a cavern of cathartic dance-influence hip-hop. With rich resonance set to spill from the atmospheric synths between his smooth vocal flows as they groove through dynamic bars and around alchemic arrangements of raw basslines and intuitive percussion, the EP is primed to become an aural phenomenon in its own right.

Stream +24. BLEED+ on all major platforms, including SoundCloud, from January 19th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Annava Put a Fresh Spin on Garage House with His Track, I Know

With structural twists and style transgressions always a feature of his genre-fluid discography, Annava’s self-produced unorthodox approach to sound design is a far cry from electronica monotony. His latest single, I Know, is a transmission of uninhibited expression within an echo of a deeply evocative memory.

Following a year of sonic adventures and collaborations, this Sacramento-based producer has crafted a track that stands as a testament to his evolving artistry. It begins with a subtle introduction, setting the scene for an intimately expansive auditory experience. Annava’s skill in blending genres is evident as he infuses the track with elements reminiscent of 100 gecs and Fred Again while following lesser-explored intersections of sound.

The genius of ‘I Know’ lies in its ability to maintain a grounded edge while exploring melodic realms. The track’s progression is a masterful blend of restraint and release, with every beat and synth wave meticulously placed to build a crescendo of emotional resonance. It’s a trippy, trance-inducing experience that transports listeners beyond the ordinary. The track’s progressive momentum is matched by a sense of euphonic catharsis, leaving listeners drenched in a sea of electronic bliss.

Annava said:

“For this release, I was inspired by UK Garage, 90s jungle, DnB, and old house mixes and the influence of my music teacher who challenged me to add harmonic variation in my tracks. 

Mostly, my music has no inherent sentimentality or meaning. I Know became the exception when I chopped up some vocals I recorded for an unreleased track, and it became a reflection of the pain of leaving someone you are in love with.” 

Stream I Know on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast