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Gale Force Version

Hyson Bluff fights his way through the gusting weather that turns into a dangerous ‘Typhoon’ (Gale Force Version)

Showing us that traumatic moment when you think that going under is the only option available amongst the rapid dangers, Hyson Bluff emerges alive but has those scars that will never be forgotten with ‘Typhoon(Gale Force Version).

Hyson Bluff is a London, UK-based indie electronic artist who was formally behind the Hong Kong-based sound art project, Yum Cheok.

Presented in increasing levels of severity: tropical depression < monsoon < gale force.” ~ Hyson Bluff

With a scintillating edge of excellence that shows us all the expertise of an enlightened figure who has bravely developed his sound, Hyson Bluff is on top form with a glorious showing that will surely cause a reflective state of mind to emerge from the waters of doom.

The first single Typhoon comes in three versions of increasing intensity, in line with the language of storm classification. The song casts a turbulent relationship as a violent storm, and draws on a real life experience of being washed up along with this partner in a storm swell during a particularly rocky time.” ~ Hyson Bluff

Typhoon(Gale Force Version) from London, UK-based indie electronic artist Hyson Bluff, takes our whole soul into a world where finding that safe space is the only mission. With a skilled production that reminds you of those timeless songs that are played for generations, this is a cinematic experience to get lost in if you don’t have your compass on hand for guidance.

Calming those seas with your fighting spirit is the only thing you can control when the wicked winds show their ugly side.

Hear this fine single on SoundCloud and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen