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Am I Safe: Elluna wants to get out from behind her walls on ‘Trapped’

As she looks around nervously to see if she is safe to come out, Elluna worries about making another mistake on her hauntingly beautiful new single called ‘Trapped‘.

Elluna is a space-loving indie singer-songwriter, who was legally born in Arizona but feels like she is from nebula, supernova or star dust. She makes that galaxy-spinning music that is different to the rest – as she regards herself as an alien – and not from this crazy earth.

She sings with such a smoothly created style, her intentions are only pure and believes that she is the one to blame, when she actually isn’t at all. With a player-mentality overly rampant and social media comparing us to ourselves to make us feel distant when it should be the opposite, she flips your mindset into a deeply introspective one.

Trapped‘ from Arizona-based indie singer-songwriter Elluna, has you looking for the key to help her escape, as you feel her pain and wish that she could climb out of the walls she has built around herself. Love can be harsh and make you feel fearful if you have been hurt before, as you take a deep breath so you can try again and unshackle yourself from your own mind.

Hear this new sensationally created single on Spotify and check out her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Happy sounds are in abundance with Ito and the Moonlight Hippies on ‘Shooting Star’

Happy sounds are in abundance with Ito and the Moonlight Hippies on their infinite galaxy-reaching ‘Shooting Star‘ and this is a humble song made with love and new-found consciousness. This is one of the best indie tracks of 2020 with a melody that will keep you smiling for hours.

This has an earthy free buzzing bee type of feel and a journey to find yourself. Being with friends who truly get you and will be there no matter what. Keeping things simple and looking for that special vibe always.

Ito and the Moonlight Hippies are quite fantastic on ‘Shooting Star‘ and this is a self-aware song that is also dripped in looking at the stars, finding good vibes throughout the galaxy. This is the type of music that reminds me of Jeremy Loops from South Africa and the quality shines like a bright star on this inspiring new single. This is that campfire burnin’ story that is best with joined hands, cooking food on the fire and enjoying life as one. Peace and love do exist thanks to music like this.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen