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‘Sinking’ from prolific new producer Galaso is a dream-filled journey of life in 2020

Sinking‘ from Galaso is a dream-filled galaxy riding journey of life in 2020 and this hits the tired soul just right.

The young United States producer returns with a new track that transforms the hungry music airwaves of the world. This is a fired up musician who is ready now to be heard worldwide.

You feel like you are going down for a while, your body is sore from the crazy times that you have faced recently. This is your time to reflect and build up your strength again. You will take this moment to change your battered mindset and delve into what you can do next time. Then you can find your peace and flourish.

Galaso are on top form here with Sinking‘ and this is a young, gifted producer who has an ear for good music. This is has a smokey breeze type of music you play with friends to chill and chat. Dance too and enjoy the day and night, moving your body to this lofo-fi waterfall of fresh water to cleanse your heart.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen