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Gabe Kuchan got into the groove of gratitude with his euphoric riot of funk rock, When You’re Around

With contributions from Cooper Swartzentruber, Harold Cui, and Ben Fremin, the latest single, When You’re Around, by Gabe Kuchan is a riot of swanky and sun-soaked funk rock euphoria. The dazzling funk-rock masterpiece delivers a soulful essence reminiscent of Bill Withers, encapsulated in deep, groove-filled pockets constructed by the Chicago-born, Berklee College of Music-educated artist.

Driven by dynamic guitar work and the robust flair of tight rock riffs, the refreshingly nostalgic offering is a rich multi-layered soul-sating experience which sees the wild sax solos as one of the standout features around the vocal zeal as they inject an infectious energy that elevates the track to new heights.

Kuchan, frontman of Gabe Kuchan and the Funky Doctors, brings his extensive experience in funk, rock, and blues to the forefront in When You’re Around. His skill as a guitarist and vocalist, honed through years of busking and playing in various ensembles, shines through in this single. The influence of artists like Cory Wong and The Yellowjackets is evident, yet Kuchan’s unique style and interpretation make the song distinctly his own.

When You’re Not Around was officially released on November 18 stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast