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Marvellous underground Atlanta-based Hip hop duo Nuface grab all the loot on ‘Gabagool- Money Bags’

Bringing us their own distinctive take on NYC Hip hop that will be dispatching you into a new state of mind, Nuface¬†shows us their splendid creativity with a new single off their 6-track album ‘Keep On Walking‘ with, ‘Gabagool- Money Bags‘.

Nuface is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Hip hop project created by Ben Wulkan and Evan Dangerfield who remind us that quality music in this revered genre still exists.

Sometimes in life, you hear a track and it changes your whole mood upside down as you look upwards to the possibilities again. Atlanta’s Nuface has that irregular power in the clutch of their hands and uses it to wonderfully effective effect here as they just get it, and lace down smooth rhymes that have you eying up those treasures that are awaiting your gloved-up fingers.

Gabagool- Money Bags‘ from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Hip hop duo Nuface, is a superb self-produced track that will have you bouncing with renewed spirit as you look for that loot that will change everything you perceived as gold previously. With a sumptuously exhilarating beat and sharply-lit lyrics that are made with maximum skill, this is a release that old school Hip hop heads will be surely drooling over with much excitement. Salivation is at its peak here, with a duo who have shown us that nothing will ever die in a genre that is simply reinventing itself in the underground.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen