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Ami Leigh’s Dark Soul was reinvented in the shadows of the G185TARR Death by TripHop Remix

G185TARR’s remix of Ami Leigh’s debut single, ‘Dark Soul‘, is a masterful reinvention that amplifies the original’s raw innovation and emotional depth. This collaboration, a long-awaited fusion of talents, brings a new dimension to the track, infusing it with a darker, more enigmatic edge.

Ami Leigh, a multifaceted musician from County Durham, UK, originally captivated audiences with ‘Dark Soul’ in March 2019. The track, known for its candid confessions and intimate revelations, showcased her ability to weave personal narratives into compelling musical tapestries. In this remix, G185TARR, a producer with a discerning ear for unique soundscapes, has skilfully reimagined the song, maintaining its core while introducing a beguiling Trip-Hop flair.

The ‘Death By TripHop Remix’ elevates the original’s beguile to the nth degree. It retains the affecting shimmers of the angular cutting guitar strings while allowing Ami Leigh’s direct vocal lines to pierce through the veil of the Trip-Hop-ed production. The remix adds swathes of style to the substance that Ami Leigh is quickly becoming renowned for.

With vocal lines that ache in the same vein as Mazzy Star and an artful approach to songwriting, Ami Leigh pushes the boundaries of alt-indie into dark new territories. This remix, rhythmically bolstered and erratically arcane, is a stunning ode to the panache of Trip Hop. It’s a track that resonates with those whose souls are married to the shadows, inviting them into the disquiet turbulence of a sound that is both haunting and profoundly contemplative.

Stream the official music video for the G185TARR Death by TripHop Remix of Dark Soul on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast