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Sirens Wailing: SERVAN refuses to be stopped by the bullets on Dark Times

Leading from the front and educating us all about what is really going on inside those distracting flares, SERVAN opens up the door and exhibits leadership qualities amongst the madness of the shattering world on Dark Times.

SERVAN is a Cologne, Germany-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer who is known as a conscious artist who has created GUERRILLA Blues and formulates an electric blend of realness featuring jazz, soul and G-Funk.

The artist, producer and political activist with Kurdish roots fights for a change in today’s mass culture back to a HIP HOP culture that functions as a revolutionary tool of social criticism.” ~ SERVAN

He’s the modern-day hero we needed. SERVAN is his name. Making real music is his game. He takes his well-respected standing seriously and weaves a web through the lies and unties the truth in Dark Times whilst shining the light to help us all see what we need to view. Right now. Before it’s too late for humanity.

Dark Times from Cologne, Germany-based indie hip-hop artist SERVAN is one of the more eye-opening tracks around and might shock those who haven’t really opened their eyes recently. Lyrically on point and with a moody beat to play on maximum volume, to show us all what the world has become.

There is a real edge here which is striking and comprehensively to the point, from a revolutionary creative which is so sick of the pointless bloodshed being spilt due to greedy so-called leaders only caring about themselves.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen