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Danxx Twinz – Space Suite: Star Roaming Hip Hop

Danxx Twinz has the energy, ingenuity and flawless flow which you’d hope to hear when hitting play on a Breaking Hip Hop artist.

Their latest track “Space Suite” may play around with Sci-Fi themes, yet with their enviable amount of wit, Danxx Twinz drew intergalactic references into convictive and fierce Rap bars merging reality with fantasy.

And it’s not only the lyrics which are spacey. The flawless production on Space Suite gave the Rap track a futuristic feel while ensuring that accessibility was the essence of the mix. It’s all too easy to lose yourself in Space Suite. The lyrical hooks are just as sharp as the lush reverb-laden textured beats. Even Old School Hip Hop fans won’t be able to resist the earworm of the melody.

You can check out Danxx Twinz’ latest track Space Suite for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast