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London’s Sols X the Nominees bring that real funky Hip Hop with ”Best Of Us”

Yes please. This is exactly what the doctor ordered and us mere mortals must just chill back, turn this up loud and enjoy. That good vibe is here and its all going down right in London town, thanks to Sols X the Nominees featuring Braceman.

This stripped-down Hip Hop Funk Jazz band starts us off with some awesome bass lines to dust off the speakers, followed up by the phenomenal vocals of Ashleigh Barker-Hughes to make everything okay. We are treated to a sound that is so joyful and the overriding human instinct is to just smile and dance away.

The Nominees teamed up with Sols, a well-respected rapper and poet from East London recently and together with Braceman, they bring the good times back on ”Best of Us”, a song all about keeping your head despite all the madness going on. The band impresses with a song that is of timeless quality. This is a happy journey of self-reflection and knowing what your best is and keeping that to those that really matter. One of the UK’s biggest rising bands are in top form with this release and the world is their oyster.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Union Five – Funky jazz blues for the modern age

Very sophisticated indeed. Union Five revel in tradition, the tradition of jazz, blues, soul and rhythm and blues and they blend it all together in a timeless mix that is one part funky retro, one part up town jazz club band and one part underground blues club best kept secret. The musicianship is second to none, playing with off beats and intricate grooves, chiming piano and smoking guitars all coming together in clever arrangements and slick deliveries.

Jazzers will love the arrangements and intricacies, soul fans will love the smooth deliveries, funksters the inherent dance vibe. If you like the more traditional sounds, then there is a lot here that reminds you of past glories and golden age artists and progressives will love the forward looking direction that the music is heading in.