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Funkin You Up

Aza.B dawned a new era of electronica in his deep house disco anthem, Funkin’ You Up

Lincolnshire, UK-hailing DJ and producer Aza.B’s raucously funked third single, Funkin’ You Up, grooves with big beats and even bigger blasts of euphoria.

After a blazing sax solo, the momentum starts to build in the vibrant electronica tapestry, which grooves through entrancing disco rhythms and the irreplicable atmosphere of deep house to construct a galvanising anthem that could only have been assembled in Aza.B’s wheelhouse of authenticity.

After getting a taste of different EDM scenes and cutting his teeth in many of them as a DJ and producer, Aza.B developed an understanding and passion for a myriad of genres before melding them into bespoke testaments to his boundless creativity. While other producers are attempting to go mainstream or fit into the confines of niches, Aza.B took the less pedestrian route with his interstellar productions to dawn a new era in electronica.

Funkin’ You Up hit the airwaves on June 16th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast