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One More Time: Beat Bakery and MILENA parties on that sensational future island on Feel Alive

With fun energy brewing like a tasty iced tea in the summertime after a long walk, Beat Bakery and MILENA have dropped a sunshine-filled daydream-like single to get those legs feeling ready for a good night on Feel Alive.

Beat Bakery is a London-based dance-pop band who are joined by fellow Londoner and A&R Factory favourite MILENA, the lovable Montenegro-born indie pop singer-songwriter/pianist who kindly took us into the Secret Garden for a picnic in May.

Getting us all flustered and ready for a night to remember, Beat Bakery and MILENA change all moods with a sit-back-and-listen-on-full volume song to remember.

Feel Alive from Beat Bakery and MILENA is a tiger-biting single to tear up the dance floor with. There is a sizzling array of punchy beats and ear-splitting vocals to get enthused about here. Exactly what the doctor ordered some would say.

Soaked with fresh energy that feels like a beach party waiting to happen, we are thrilled to the core by a happy song made for all the right reasons.

Listen up on Spotify.

Feel the energy on Beat Bakery’s IG and MILENA’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Malta’s Stanley Fenech shall summon our pool-splashed spirits with Summer Time

Showing us all that 50 is the new 20, Stanley Fenech is in a happy mood and guides us deep into a much more fulfilled place with the sun-soaked ray of sunshine that is his Summer Time.

Stanley Fenech is a Malta-born electronic music producer and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in the classical music world through his family and has constantly evolved throughout his career.

Summer Time from Malta-born electronic music producer Stanley Fenech is a calming single with minimal fuss. That’s the point it appears. This is for all the humans in the world who want to forget about their lives. Splashing around is the aim. Experimental you’d say. There’s something rather joyous about this song and it might even swap a frown into a smile.

In a dark time for humanity, perhaps this will ease the worries away into the bottom of the swimming pool.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Find out more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just Having Fun: Tyrel Ross feels his heart racing with excitement on his sexy new single ‘This Girl Is Hot’

With a spring in his step and a smile so wide you can see it all across town, Tyrel Ross feels the passion flowing all over his body as he get the crew together and shows her that he is serious about having fun tonight with only her on ‘This Girl Is Hot‘.

Tyrel Ross is a Trinidad and Tobago indie-pop/RnB artist based in New York. After starting to perform live when he was just thirteen years young, the stage has been his home ever since. He is only interested in evolving his sound through charm-filled vocals and honest lyrics, which make the ladies swoon in delight.

Always a lover of music, he joined his high school music band where he got his first taste of performing live on stage.” ~ Tyrel Ross

This is the story of your eyes locking closely when you see each other again, as your tender lips move sensually together, and you know that things are about to get hot in the room. The lyrics are to the point and the party-stacked beat only adds to the excitement – on this extremely body-bouncing new release – which has your toes tapping and the drinks flowing.

This Girl Is Hot‘ from the Trinidad and Tobago musician Tyrel Ross, shows us his massive crush on that girl who he saw at the carnival before. Thanks to his good friend convincing him, he decided to go and see her and from there, the party started and the water dripped all over the champagne-soaked club.

This is a steamy late-night track that certainly has your pulse quickening, as you get involved into the party on this highly likable single.

Watch this water-filled music video that will have your heart beating on YouTube and see more on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jack Hodges Releases Alternative Pop Track “Strange Feelings”

“Strange Feelings” is a new and exciting single release from singer and songwriter Jack Hodges. The song immediately stands out for its lush, driven and direct textures. The snare sound in particular, is absolutely massive, as if it was echoing from deep down the bottom of a cave. I love the dark, haunting vibes of this track and Jack does a really great job at keeping up with the melodies and textures of this track with his laid-back and on-point vocal performance.

On this track, Jack reminds me of talented artists such as Frank Ocean or D’Angelo, combining unique textures with some stunning sonic ideas. The production value of this single is definitely worth mentioning. The track is absolutely world-class and the mix is balanced and masterfully executed.

Corey Zaks Teams With The Nik Naks For This Fun And Quirky Track “Float Away”

A dynamic collaboration, Corey Zaks teams up with The Nik Naks for his fun and quirky first album, featuring “Float Away”. Corey Zaks and The Nik Naks make a naturally felicitous team, creating a light-hearted track which portrays a silly and friendly quality. Harbouring an indie-pop feel, they integrate a retro style funk and soul essence into the mix.

Using a combination of instrumentals, Corey Zaks creates a refreshing and gratifying sound, completely engaging his listeners. “Float Away” focuses on the highs over the lows, drawing attention to the effect Summer has on people, using this to describe a euphoric feeling. The use of string instrumentals accompanied with an idiosyncratic sounding bass demonstrates his nonchalant nature. As the tune progresses, each of the instrumentals play a part which evolves. The synthesizer plays with a futuristic sound, an enthralling addition to the melody that holds a nostalgic persona. “Float Away” opens a door into an untroubled world, presenting life in a joyous vision where the melody is as jaunty as the lyrics.

-Aly McHugh

Swnami’s new track ‘Dihoeni’ proves that good music is of a universal language

For years, the dominance of American and British music scenes has meant a ubiquitous presence of English-written lyrics performed by people all over the world. Outside of the phenomenon of K-Pop and the splashes of Spanish heard in pop tracks, so few languages ever get recognized in the same contexts as their English-speaking counterparts. Swnami unashamedly sings in Welsh and their new track Dihoeni proves that good music is of a universal language.

This track combines fun, eccentric indie music with the energy of pop music. It’s hard to deny the good vibes surrounding the melodiously textured track. Even without knowing a single word, you can dance to this. Without understanding a single theme, you can connect with this. Without recognizing that this is, indeed, Welsh…you get the point. Swnami is certainly an act to pay attention to as there are sure to be plenty of great jams to come.

A&R Factory Present: Teenear Renee

Born and raised in Miami, music found 17 year old Teenear Renee at the tender age of three. She gained her determined and positive spirit from a supportive family and from a musical influence that she emulates; an artist like Michael Jackson left an indelible mark and has truly molded Teenear into developing her own soulful pop sound.

At a young age Teenear discovered that she could sing and has showcased and honed her skills in pageants, talent shows and the praise team at her church. A prolific moment for Teenear was a talent show in her early teens where she performed Rihanna’s “Stay” and captivated her audience and that performance helped her decide that she wanted to share her voice with everyone “Being on that stage and singing gave me such a push and drive and I loved it so much” says Teenear “I remember when I went back stage after the performance and people came up to me telling me they enjoyed the performance and asking for my picture. It was a great moment and it gave me so much confidence to push further.”

The past year has been a defining time for Teenear, with the encouragement of her parents she uploaded pop covers on YouTube and received incredible feedback. That feedback has given her the opportunity to record original records and she is currently working on a fun, summer song she wrote called “Friday Night” that is sure to cause some waves online “The song is basically about a girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend and how he is constantly worrying about her and checking up on her but she’s moving on, Its Friday Night! She’s going to have fun! ,” says Teenear “I love it, it’s fun and gives a little confidence boost to us girls.”

Teenear Renee is currently in the studio recording and prepping her new single. With all that is happening, Teenear is destined to share her voice with the world “…I plan to strive and perform in unbelievable places, grow vocally, grow as an artist, touch people with my music,” she says “and most importantly glorify God throughout my entire career!”

Produced by Malkia “Milk” Hornsy and Kazha “Sizz” Hornsby, “Streetlights” is a brand new offering from the Miami native that details her personal struggles between balancing a love life and career as an artist. Of the single, Teenear says, “Let’s just give it our all. Let’s dance and enjoy the moment”. Dreamy and melodic, “Streetlights” is a precursor to bigger records, dropping this summer.