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Moving swiftly on: Pamela Hopkins makes it clear that ‘Somebody Here is Walkin’

Pamela Hopkins sings with a real statement that leaves no doubt that her former lover’s indiscretion won’t be tolerated on new single ‘Somebody Here is Walkin‘.

Little Rock, Arkansas, indie-Country singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Pamela Hopkins, is an inspirational woman that performs with a honest style that makes her endearing to all listeners. Her authentic energy transforms the sonic experience and you can’t help but enjoy her music and sensational vocals.

When you have put in the effort to learn the piano, drums, cello, bass, and harmonica, you know instantly that this is a proper musician. Her stunning voice puts the cherry on the top, as you have an electric sensation in your bones when you turn up the volume on high, while sitting back and tapping your feet throughout.

With a glorious vocal ability and a girl-power mentality, she shows all the ladies out there what to do when you have been messed around. Her storytelling is vivid and the excitement she has for music- is crystal clear to see and hear.

Somebody Here is Walkin‘ from the incredibly well-respected and hugely talented Pamela Hopkins¬†is an example to us all that you can be a full-time musician, if you want it enough. After stints in law enforcement and as an English teacher while still performing with her beloved band, she is a bright light of guidance to goodness in this dark world.

Standing up for yourself is the only way to go and anyone that doesn’t respect you enough by cheating when you have given them your heart- deserves to be shown the door swiftly. Never mess with those goodbye shoes as they pack quite the kick.

See the music video on YouTube and find out more about this exceptional talent via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen