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Me and You: Preston’s Full Billy thinks about that special moment on All I Ever

Feeling proud of that romantic memory that will be entrenched into the soul until the end of time, Full Billy shows us that love can be pure and innocent if you let it be on All I Ever.

Full Billy is a Preston, UK-based indie alternative pop/rock band who has bravely abstained from the tiresome generic sound associated with their town.

Story behind the first time Lead Singer Joe Langston met his future wife. Joe elegantly reminisces about that butterfly feeling of meeting someone for the first time and holding onto that moment in your memory as cherishable and everlasting.” ~ Full Billy

Powering in with a full paced performance that shall shake the self-doubt right out of your sternum, Full Billy display their exciting energy to full effect and mould our ears into their freshly brewed brilliance. Soaring with purpose and raising our moods into something so positive, this is a turn-me-up-louder experience to be impressed by.

All I Ever from Preston, UK-based indie alternative pop/rock band Full Billy is a passionate single of the very highest order that shall bring you back to those good times. Recalling a special time and sung with so much verve and dynamism, this is a track to get you jumping up and down like it was 1999 again.

Remembering those fun days can only bring your heart much joy.

Tune into something so loving on Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen