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Taupe shows us inside the harvest with the passionate single, ‘Fruitless’

Gliding high over the smokey clouds like a majestic eagle who is quietly spotting where the better lands are hidden, Taupe is quite marvellous on this fantastic new single to make your ears shudder in delight with, ‘Fruitless‘.

Taupe is a Los Angeles, California-based indie-folk solo singer-songwriter who makes that dreamy type of music to take you back to that place you forgot existed.

Taupe attempts to take contemporary indie folk songs and layer them with 70’s rock inspired guitars.” ~ Taupe

Sending a real jewel into the world when it needed it most, Taupe is the kind of artist who grabs your attention with a soaring delivery that sends you into a much better place. He sends us into a reflective mindset and sings with that ultimate gusto, from a true underdog who is in peak form here.

Fruitless‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie-folk solo singer-songwriter Taupe, is a wonderful single that will have you closing your eyes and looking deeply within. As the world burns before our scared eyes and with the harvest yielding only seemingly destruction and carnage, this is the type of inspirational soundtrack that we needed. Vocally incredible and featuring smartly-penned lyrics – that will force a re-think about the way you see the planet around you – this is a quality effort from an artist who is a timeless soul and who could be from another era completely.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen