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From the Grave

It Goes “From the Grave” Right to the Heart

Listening to Abby Lokelani’s track “From the Grave” is a mixed bag of being devastated by the beauty of the art – to weepy sentimentality over my own lost-love. Her breathy but pitch-perfect performance gives way to an intimate engagement in this tune. The electronic drums help to offset what would otherwise be a guitar singer-songwriter number – all the while a heartfelt and, dare I say, the genuine sound is present. Then we move to the lyrics, I have to say, as a widower the phrase “I’ll love you better from the grave” hits me in a way that I can’t imagine anyone else on earth feels. This is a beautiful piece of music balanced by instrumentation, deep/naked emotion, and honest sentiment.

Seems as though Abby Lokelani is a Hawaii native and plays more than a few instruments including guitar and keys (and of course, her most important instrument – her voice, she sings beautifully). She was classically trained as a cellist – which might go some way to explaining her ear – and moved to write her own music and lyrics.

In her own words “I write music to make people feel something…” which is an apt summary of my experience with “From the Grave.” I can say, from my experience, that Abby’s music was that therapeutic balm I needed on a Friday night after a hectic week. Maybe it can do the same for you.