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Bringing peace: Puerto Rico’s Soundkraft are sensationally smooth on electronic beauty ‘Frio’

This is the sensational lead track from Soundkraft‘s recently released eight-track album and ‘Frio‘ is a thunderbolt of energy to boost our moods in an instant.

San Juan Puerto, Puerto Rico-based four-piece electronic music band Soundkraft, make that special mix of fresh soundscapes and beautifully crisp vocals, that brings perfectly lathered peace and love to override a wild and restless world before our very eyes. You will suddenly feel an ease come over you like none other, as her breathless tone unwraps all doubts and frustrations you may have currently.

The mix of different instruments and easy-to-consume ear-soothing elements, is such a calming fusion of welcoming variety that shows the stunning nature of Latino, House and Tech melodies, to quietly unlock all that stress away from your body. The effortless nature transfixes you and you can’t help but feel good and a happy embrace, hugs your whole body into a transfixing trance of joy.

Frio‘ from Puerto Rico’s electro-dance band Soundkraft, brings you that illuminating feeling of wonder that only a multi-talented four-piece act can-with the guitarist, dj, keyboardist and singer-all working perfectly in-sync, to make everything okay again with such a soothing song, that you will find impossible to forget easily.

Stream this top single here on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen