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Play pretend: Upstate New York’s Nocturnal Houses vividly dream of changed minds on the sparkling ‘Going Home with Him’

Meshed together by lovely nostalgic sounds of synth, funk, and disco with a little sprinkle of tasty pop, Nocturnal Houses are quite self-reflective on their latest single called ‘Going Home with Him‘.

Nocturnal Houses are a compelling Upstate New York-based indie-EDM duo, who mesh that quality taste into your soul, that satisfies every sinew of your body, as they have that crisply designed music that uplifts any mood.

This is the story of wishing your friend wouldn’t choose that particular person on a night out, as you don’t like their energy for some reason and wish they would choose to party with you instead. Your mind is mixed, while you pretend that nothing is wrong but inside your heart is burning like acid as you know that it won’t last, as your friend wastes their time while you wonder at the moments that could of been.

Her voice is sultry and freshly toned, each word is with such meaning, as the catchy beat lands into your mind to have your head grooving and your body moving. You remember when this moment happened to you and you just wanted to spend time with your special human, who instead disappears when you turn your back.

Going Home with Him‘ is that striking self-reflective story from this fascinating Upstate New York duo, who superbly portray this all-too-common story, into a sweet song that will make you a bit sad, while making you shake your head at the times you let lust take over and should of changed your mind.

Stream this top new song here on Spotify and see their social vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen