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Freshcobar & Golden Girl

Freshcobar & Golden Girl released the deep house drop of the summer with ‘Days Long Gone’

Days Long Gone is the latest delicious drop of deep house from the undeniably hot collaborative duo, Freshcobar & Golden Girl; it is summer transcendence in a sonic bottle.

While the bass-drenched grooves dig deep, the Elysian vocal lines will take you even higher as you come up on the builds, which are tenacious enough to leave you on the hook of every ascending beat until the short sharp bursts of euphonic euphoria.

It is only a matter of time before Freschobar ascends from the underground as one of the most revered deep house artists of this era; his passion for the genre is conspicuous in each of his gravitas-graced releases.

Days Long Gone is yet another stellar release from No Ones Safe Recordings; if you want to keep your finger on the deep house pulse, we strongly recommend digging into the digital discographies of artists on their roster.

Days Long Gone will officially release on July 21. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

90s Nostalgia meets the future of house in the Freshcobar & Golden Girl Remix of ‘Missing’.

Freshcobar & Golden Girl gave the iconic 1994 hit, Missing by Everything But the Girl the house treatment in their entrancing new remix that is set to drop on all major platforms on April 28th. The indie guitars have been stripped-back to make room for the big beats, even bigger drops, and the colossal atmosphere that cloaks the remix drenches you in nostalgia while allowing you to simultaneously sample the future of house music.

The Missing Remix is the third single from the producer Freshcobar and the San Diego vocalist Golden Girl. Together, they reincarnated the 90s classic hit with far more intensity and fervour than the original contained, but the vocal mystique is right on brand. The deserts may have missed the rain, but my God, the dancefloors will have also missed this hit. Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they’re reimagining and enlivening the soundtracks to our youth.

The remix will launch via NOS Recordings; check it out on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast