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Freshay Conduct

Australian rapper Kamain walks the walk on ‘Feeling Famous’ (feat. Saintninety9)

Taken off his debut 11-track album ‘Freshay Conduct‘, Kamain slams down the verses so hard that he might cause a sudden earthquake to shudder throughout the Oceania region on ‘Feeling Famous(feat. Saintninety9).

Kamain is a New South Wales, Australia-based indie Trap solo artist and music producer who spits the truth on each one of his powerfully projected releases.

Featuring the bar-heavy style of West Sydney’s Saintninety9, this is an underground track that slithers down the spine rather splendidly and quickly injects venom into our shocked speakers with a gritty effect.

He mixes and master’s all of his own songs, producing many with his manager, Chef; he recorded songs with upcoming artists from around the world.” ~ Kamain

Sinking his teeth into a track that is so thunderous as the lightning seems to spark a hole into our imagination, Kamain might be ready to roar loudly into the minds of those who need a new rap legend to be enthralled by in this rather fragile world.

Feeling Famous(feat. Saintninety9) from New South Wales, Australia-based indie Trap solo artist/music producer Kamain, is the kind of track that fans of that raw sound – that is such an inspiring listen – that need some extra meat in their ears. This is the story about showing those who talk too much that this is not the way at all. Doing what you say has never been more important than ever in our history as the walls get blown up into smithereens before our eyes, as we reach our goals before it’s all too late and our number is called. Made with an ominous tone and a powerful beat, this is a top new single to play loud as you look to get your business done without being overly flashy and causing too many eyes to be beaming unnecessarily on you.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen