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The outsiders create their own genre: Cardiff’s Exsil roam through the night with growling abandon on ‘Jumping At Shadows’

South Wales Industrial act Exsil are back with a mysterious marvel of a track via their new electronic-fused song ‘Jumping At Shadows‘.

Taken off the brand new thirteen track album ‘Disavowed‘ that dropped on the 10th December 2020- and released through Urban Planning Records– this is a sound that is in its own lane and swerves when and where it wants.

The speaker-busting bass heavy electronic breaks smash through the years slumber and makes your tired heart’s blood flow heat up again. The cold winter is coming and there is no Jon Snow but no fear; the Welsh dragons blow such fire from their creation and you won’t need to turn on the heaters for this one.

I mistakenly had my laptops volume of full voltage at the start of this track and almost fell off my chair. After a quick laugh, I then started again- albeit a bit softer than before- but then organically found myself gradually turning this up and getting my stomp on.

”A soundtrack for empty bus shelters at 3am, wet tarmac, clicking exchanges, abandoned buildings and dirty alleyways.”- Exsil

This really says it all and this is that sticky floor sliding music in the empty areas that goes to waste usually. The bass is so thudding and you can feel the 80’s and 90’s influences as this is when dance music was at it’s best. This reminds me of being in that sweaty club when I was 18 with zero worries in the world, being with mates, shouting at each other and hearing half the words; good times that are entrenched into your mind forever.

The analog synths break the flailing windows of the neighbor next door, this is the Trainspotting type music that inspires you us all to get that couch-sitting body off the slouch, instead closing your eyes and ripping through with those dusted off dance moves you have been waiting to explore again.

Jumping At Shadows‘ from South Wales genre-creators Exsil is a stomping song that needs to be heard at full volume and with mates that appreciate quality music. This will bend your mind and make that heart beat so fast you might need CPR.

Hear this Welsh band via Soundcloud and also support on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen