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Looking so fresh: Houston emcee Andre shows his growing wisdom on the stylish ‘Beard’

Indie Houston Hip Hop artist Andre has a goal to spread peace and inner connection through music. He certainly blesses our sad hearts with a fun new single called ‘Beard’.

This is track 11 of the new full album ‘Difference Between Characters’, The warped atmospheric layer is crusted to the top of this fascinating start like a tasty treat. This new track follows on from the previous song ‘Vacation’ and is all about getting back to work as the relaxing time is over and gone. It’s time to get back to the hustle but first, you need to look good. After sorting out the sore head from a few too many adult beverages of course.

The beard is looking fresh now and the baby face days are over, you want to look older and wiser to impress the ladies. This is a track about just going for it now and cruising around the town feeling so good after a cut from the skilled barber.

Being an indie artist is the way forward as Houston’s Andre shows us the fly style that you need to impress on ‘Beard’. Looking all grizzly and caveman-like isn’t going to showcase him at his best so this is his statement track to inspire as all to groom a bit better. After all, when the time comes and you meet that special one, you want to look good to give you your best shot.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more via Andre’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen